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Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) : A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Its Functionality

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is a vital part of the Ethereum blockchain. It acts like a computer where special contracts called smart contracts can run. Let’s explain what the EVM is, how it works, and its advantages and disadvantages.

What is an Ethereum Virtual Machine? 

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is like a virtual computer that exists on the Ethereum network. It’s a special program that runs on every computer participating in the network. The EVM is responsible for executing smart contracts, which are like digital agreements with rules written in computer code.

How Does the Ethereum Virtual Machine Work? 

The EVM works by following a set of instructions called bytecode. Smart contracts are written in high-level languages and then converted into bytecode that the EVM can understand. When someone wants to use a smart contract on the Ethereum network, the EVM reads the bytecode and carries out the instructions step by step.

Whenever a transaction is made on the Ethereum network, the EVM checks if the smart contract is valid and executes it. It keeps track of the state of each contract and makes sure that everyone in the network agrees on what happens. This agreement is essential for maintaining trust and ensuring the integrity of the blockchain. Read More

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