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The OneCoin Scam: A Deceptive Crypto Ponzi Scheme

The OneCoin scam was a deceptive scheme that tricked many people in the cryptocurrency industry, causing significant financial losses. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become popular, but such scams have tarnished the industry’s reputation.

OneCoin scam is considered to be one of the biggest crypto scams in the world of more that $15 million. Ruja Plamenova Ignatova  is a Bulgarian-German woman who was born on 30th May 1980. She is best known as the founder of a Ponzi scheme known as OneCoin and from this scheme she did one of the biggest cryptocurrency scams in the world. Read More

The Beginnings of OneCoin Scam

In 2014, Ruja Ignatova, a Bulgarian entrepreneur, launched OneCoin as a cryptocurrency. She promised investors big profits and convinced them to buy educational packages and mine OneCoins. Ignatova used a network marketing structure and created a false sense of scarcity to make people invest quickly.

Deceptive Practices of OneCoin

The OneCoin scam relied on deceptive tactics to attract investors. They used a complex MLM structure, where people were encouraged to recruit others and earn commissions. Ignatova organized grand events, presented OneCoin as the future of digital money, and falsely claimed partnerships with major financial institutions. They used social media and celebrity endorsements to seem credible and trustworthy.

Lack of Technological Foundation

Contrary to their claims, OneCoin lacked a legitimate technological foundation. Unlike Bitcoin, which uses blockchain technology, OneCoin used a centralized database controlled by the company. Experts revealed that OneCoin had no transparency, no public blockchain, and no evidence of mining activities.

Global Crackdown of OneCoin and Investigations 

As OneCoin gained popularity and collected billions of dollars, governments and law enforcement agencies took notice. Many countries, including the US, Germany, China, and India, launched investigations. Authorities froze accounts, seized assets, and arrested key individuals. These actions exposed the scam and its financial irregularities.

Unveiling the Mastermind: Ruja Ignatova

Ruja Ignatova, the mastermind behind OneCoin, disappeared in 2017, just before the US Department of Justice charged her with fraud and money laundering. Her disappearance raised questions about her whereabouts.

OneCoin became so hyped in 2017 that everyone started noticing it and it came under experts’ eyes. Questions started roaming from all over the world about OneCoin being fake. To answer all the questions Ignatova organised an event in Portugal in October 2017 but shockingly she did not appear in the event and disappeared.

Her accomplices spread the news that Ignatova has been kidnapped. After this her brother took charge of Onecoin. FBI arrested his brother in 2019 for money laundering.  According to the reports Ignatova took flight to Athens after 2 weeks of Portugal 2017 event and no one knows where she is after that as no one has seen her.

Her brother, Konstantin Ignatov, became a key witness, shedding light on how the scam operated.

Impact and the lesson learned from the scam

The OneCoin scam caused significant damage. Thousands of investors lost their money, with estimates suggesting that the scam raised around $4.4 billion globally. Many victims suffered severe financial losses, eroding trust in cryptocurrencies. This event highlighted the risks of unregulated investments and the need for due diligence.

The OneCoin scam led to tighter regulations in the cryptocurrency industry. Governments and financial watchdogs implemented stricter rules to protect investors from similar scams. These regulations aimed to ensure transparency and accountability in cryptocurrency projects.


The OneCoin scam was a deceptive scheme that exploited people’s trust in cryptocurrencies. Through deceptive practices and false promises, it defrauded thousands of investors. Governments and regulators have learned from this incident and have taken steps to safeguard investors and ensure the legitimacy of cryptocurrency projects. It serves as a reminder for everyone to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before investing in any opportunity.

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